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Neo Hair Lotion Bangladesh

Original Neo Hair Lotion from Green Wealth Thailand


Original Neo Hair Lotion from Green Wealth Thailand


Original Neo Hair Lotion

An all-natural, safe and effective hair loss lotion for both men and women with overwhelming hair loss problems that works in three steps.

Step 1 – Wash your scalp and let it dry

Step 2 – Comb your hair

Step 3 – Apply Neo Hair Lotion

Do it twice everyday, morning and evening.

Neo Hair Lotion

Neo Hair Lotion provides the result faster than other products!

Using a combination of natural ingredients, the lotion helps reduce and inhibit hair loss from genetics, as well as from its causes. It helps to promote an abundant growth and re-growth of the hair, and it leaves the hair shiny and nice.

Carefully designed to deliver the correct concentration and the correct combination of ingredients. The lotion is used for dealing with the hair loss and the baldness that comes from genetics. It helps reduce hair loss and baldness.

Neo Hair Lotion is a hair growth product that is specially formulated to help those suffering from hair loss, baldness and those who have a receding hairline.

By using this formula, you will grow strong and healthy hair and reduce the oiliness of the scalp. It helps blood circulation on the scalp, to provide nourishment and prevents hair fall.

This product is suitable for both men and women and is an effective solution to get rid of problems such as hair loss and baldness.


Purified Water, Ethanol, Ethoxy Diglycol, Propylene Glycol, Ginseng Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Cantaloupe Extract, Coconut Oil, Honey.

Neo Hair Lotion Price in Bangladesh

Neo hair lotion price in Bangladesh is 1890 taka. Though we offer more discounts for bulk orders.


What is the benefit of Neo Hair Lotion?

Neo Hair Lotion helps your hair grow and maintain its healthy state. It cures dandruff at the roots, reduces hair loss, and also speeds up growth of new hair. The product improves your scalp’s health by repairing damaged follicles and keeping it hydrated, to help keep hair soft and shiny!

How long do I need to use it?

You have to use minimum 3 bottles to see the result. Depending on your hair condition and problem, you may need to use it from 4 months to lifetime.

What are the side effects of Neo Hair Lotion?

It’s made with all natural herbs, thus it would have no side effects. Just use it as directed.

How many times can I use Neo Hair Lotion?

Use it twice daily. Try to keep a gap about 12 hours in between.

Which country made Neo Hair Lotion?

This is a product of Thailand.

Is Neo Hair Lotion natural?

Yes, all the main ingredients of this lotion are 100% natural.


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